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Maya Minder
duration: 6'45''
video loop

音樂是橫田進的《Cloud Hidden》專輯中的Spectrum of Love。

KombuMe is a abstract reflection on the process of becoming expert in growing kombucha leather. It was shoot in a period of one year as a answer to the intime relation I held and became with the material of bacterial cellulose, shown through sensitive gestures of touch and encounter of non-human. While doing and processing the material the ideas of touching skin came to my mind in various moments. Due to Covid-19 the touch of other humans and peoples skin has become something that is rare and almost dogmatized. The desire to touch and to feel as a tool of perception and feeling is limited by hygiene regulation and sanctions by government. Taking this video as a starting point as a sidedish for the larger production of kombucha leather this was also a way of documenting the process in an artistic way.

Filmed by Maya Minder and Simone Kinki
Edited by Miguel Buenrostro
Music: filed recordings of a dim sum restaurant held by women only, while I was talking with a group on fermentation process, Susumu Yokota, Spectrum of Love from album Cloud Hidden.

video link