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WORKER Music Box

WORKER Music Box
Lin Ai Yi
paper mulberry pulp, found objects, paper
「WORKER」music box,一個會⾃⼰施工的工具箱。在⾓落,有個施⼯的吵雜聲,往聲音的⽅向走,是個箱子,⾃己發出了吵雜施工的聲響。好奇的⼈們將它打開,聲⾳突然停⽌了,裡頭裝著猶如陳年沒碰的工具們,螺絲、錘⼦、老虎鉗、釘子、板手......都在裡面。 這些老工具只要一觸碰它們,就會發出各種有趣的聲響,彷彿在告知,他們還很健朗,隨時都能上工。使用完後,再將蓋⼦蓋上,⼜再發出吵雜的聲響,彷彿他們又在裡面動工,隨時準備上場。

"WORKER" music box, a box that can be freely constructed. When I dropped the tool, the noise of the construction was heard, and when I walked in the direction of the sound, it was a box, and the noise of construction was spontaneously emitted. When people opened it, the sound suddenly stopped, and it contained tools like us that hadn't been touched for years. Screws, hammers, pliers, nail boards, hands... are all inside. As soon as you touch them, they will make all kinds of sudden noises, a lot of notifications, they are healthy and ready to go to work. After use, put the sub-caps on again, and then make a stray noise, and they will start a lot of work inside, ready to play at any time.