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︎ 2020
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藍染 18x28cm
原色 22.5x28
構樹皮、繡線、SMD LED、滾珠開關、天然漆、竹、藤皮

Faint Light
Huang Wen Juan
Huang Wu Hsien
indigo dyed one: 18x28cm
original color: 22.5x28cm
paper mulberry bark, embroidery threads, SMD LED, ball switch, nature lacquer, bamboo, rattan

Taking reading and translation as the starting point, thinking about how we read the various information contained in natural fibers, and then translate it into what kind of information. In this series of works, embroidery thread and conductive materials are used as a means of human intervention, and the fibers are felt through vision and touch. The difference in texture and distribution creates an artificial mark on the bark, embroidering another landscape with a faint light floating in the gleam of the forest, implying unlimited possibilities. While swinging the fan, a piece of bark transforms into a plural interpretation.