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Cyber Garden
Yiyu Chen
Yi-Chu Chen

Womenswear glove, womenswear size 36
(The glove) Cotton yarn, electronic components, denim fabric, resin, glass beads, sequins, Swarovski crystal, natural stone beads, kombucha foil, natural stone clay, thermochromic microcapsules

(The sleeve) Natural dyed cotton, wool, linen and hemp yarn; natural dyed embroidery thread, natural dyed silk fabric, denim fabric, electronic components, fusing
Cyber Garden為一映照遙遠大自然的人造小自然,藉由同時存在於當下和虛擬空間裡的此地和遠地,探討人與自然的關係。數據轉換至實體物件過程隱喻經由網際網路認識、理解自然,並和自身(有限的)經驗結合,所產生的多重且不連續的、對自然的認知過程。何謂自然?在以人類為主體對自然進行描述、分析與操縱時,我們認知的是自然的本質、還是人類發明的自然呢?

Cyber Garden is a small man-made nature that mirrors the distant nature. It explores the relationship between man and nature through the presence and the distant place in the present and virtual space at the same time. The metaphor of the process of data conversion to physical objects is the multiple and discontinuous process of cognition of nature through the Internet to recognize and understand nature, and combine with one's own (limited) experience. What is nature? When describing, analyzing, and manipulating nature with humans as the main body, do we recognize the nature of nature or the nature invented by humans?