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材質 materials / 碳纖維、3D列印材、二氧化鈦奈米粉末、黑枸杞、黑豆、薯榔、FTO導電玻璃、老窗木框、雙輸出幫浦、碘電解液、石墨烯粉末

The Mind of a Greenhouse
Shih Wei Chieh
carbon fiber, 3D printing, titanium dioxide nano powder, lycium ruthenicum, black soy bean, shulang yam, FTO conductive glass, recycled window, pump, iodine electrolyte, graphine

這是一個正在進行的社區合作計劃,我自2018年8月至11月與來自泰國的氣候工程師Wiriar Rattanansuwan自願加入了這個義工計劃。計劃目標是在青海囊謙建設一座溫室模型,在冬季也能抵禦-20℃至-30℃的溫度。該站點的海拔高度約為3,700米;主要任務是為位於32°31'45.2"N 96°03'05.2"E的紮西格森學校收容的孤兒提供常年蔬菜。該項目的另一個主要任務是研究慈善項目和藝術、科學項目的共地,創新一個跨學科的生產系統。另外我相信當地社區合作的創新項目會引起更多對這些發展中地區情況的關注。

這個作品模彷了當時建造溫室的外型,玻璃是用染敏太陽能技術製作的發電玻璃。染敏電池的發電原理需要植物染色二氧化鈦晶體的參與,三片玻璃分別使用黑豆、薯榔、黑枸杞染製。電池的碳極則使用石墨稀漿料網版製成,圖案是由扎西格森學校創辦人蒼薩貢葛仁波切提供的三個藏字,由左到右發音為hom, drom, om,分別代表聲音、生命長度、磁場的方向。

This is an on going project, I joined this charity project voluntarily from August to November 2018 with Wiriar Rattanansuwan, a climate engineer from Thailand. The project goal is to build a greenhouse in Nangqen, Qinhai which can resist -20Cº to -30Cº even in winter time in Nangqen. The altitude of the site is ~3,700 meters; the main task is to provide vegetable year-round for for the orphan children sheltered by the Tashi Gatsen school located in 32°31'45.2"N 96°03'05.2"E. Another main task of this project is to research a common ground for both charity project and art, science project, to innovate a transdiciplinary production system. Also I believe the innovative project collaborating with the local community will bring more attentions to the situation of these developing areas.

This work was built to mimic the appearance of the greenhouse we built in Tibet, the windows are built as dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC). The power generation principle of the DSSC requires the participation of plant dyeing and the sintering of Titanium dioxide. The three windows are dyed with black beans, lycium ruthenicum, and shulang yam. The carbon electrode of the battery is made of graphene paste, in shape of three Tibetan calligraphy provided by Tsansar Kunga Rinpoche, the founder of Tashi Gatsen School, pronounced hom, drom, om from left to right, representing respectively Sound, length of life, direction of magnetic field.