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en Guete


en Guete
Wei Ling Yang

paper mulberry fiber, kombucha cellulose, paper threads, glass, mirror, wooden frame.






那張空懸在桌上、倒映在鏡中的白色桌巾是用構樹纖維搥打而成,上面是由瑞士德文「En Guete」(用餐前的祝福語,意思是請好好享用)構成的筆畫線條。是我住在瑞士的藝術家朋友家中時,唯一學到的餐前祝禱語。如今這件象徵友誼與餐聚的桌巾被高高懸起,如鏡花水月般,取而代之的是只映照自己的鏡面桌子,以及上面用實驗培養皿裝盤的菌膜食物,孤立且區隔,在冷冽中繼續生長....

“The fermented dinning table, the taste of exchange, the suspense in words, the isolated us.”

Fermentation originated from a chance, an accident, a stupid thing, or a forgetting.
The infection is too.

In the era of global epidemics, we particularly feel global and regional, group and individual, social and isolation, and then symbiosis due to understanding.

These are also the lessons that Kombucha brings us.

The Kombucha I used this time is traceable from Switzerland. It has been passed through the hands of many people. When brewing with different places or different varieties of tea, it will produce different flavors, colors, aromas, which are covered or highlighted, or even changed. The gene of the strain.

The same goes for culture.

The white tablecloth that hangs on the table and is reflected in the mirror is beaten with paper mulberry fiber, and it is made of Swiss German "En Guete" (a greeting before meal, which means please enjoy it) Strokes lines. It was the only pre-dinner prayer I learned when I lived in the house of an artist friend in Switzerland. Now this tablecloth, which symbolizes friendship and meal gathering, is hung high, like a mirror, replaced by a mirrored table that only reflects itself, and the bacterial membrane food on it with experimental petri dishes, isolated and separated, in Continue to grow in the cold...