Zoom in presentation SEP 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 19.



Introduce us a craft technique

We invite you to introduce a craft technique represents you, it could also be a memory or identity represented by a technique and document it here on HFF2020 exchange. The documentation medium of the technique making process can be videos or text and photos. The forum thread will contain the documentation and discussion. It is a record of the exchange, as well as a material for online collaboration. We hope this process can deepen your understanding of other participants, and help to shed a light on your brainstorming.

September 10, UTC 14:00
  • 胡意蕊 Iris Yirei Hu
    尚未決定。 我作為藝術家的作品可能啟發了一系列問題。 這些問題可能會提供一個工作框架,反映出與土地和人民的更謹慎接觸。 因此,這不是關於一種技術或技能的分享,反而是更多的引導反思的時間。。
    Haven’t decided yet. Probably a set of questions that I generated through my work as an artist. The questions may provide a working framework to reflect upon a more careful engagement with land and people. So it’s less a technique or skill share, but more of a guided time of reflection.

  • 施惟捷 Shih Wei-Chieh
    我想簡短的介紹在過去2017, 2018主辦部落對抗機器的經驗,和一些結合藝術和社會計劃的反思。在這之後我想簡短的介紹兩種跟「染色」有關的技術。
    I’d like to give a short overview of Tribe Against Machine 2017, 2018. Simple concept of DSSC (dye sensitized solar cell), and simple explanation of laser dye.

  • Zohar Messeca Fara
    Fabrication of a DIY low cost flexible sticky PCB and a LED bracelet made of acetic silicone + Gelatine and a touch of Olive Oil.

  • 陳翊羽 Yi-Yu Chen
    Hello! I am Yiyu, a fashion designer who also do some weaving and natural dying. I get my BA Fashion Design degree in Shih Chien University in Taipei, and obtained my MA Fashion Design in ArtEZ Arnhem, the Netherlands. I did several internships and temporary jobs in fashion houses in Europe; after moved back to Taiwan, I work as a freelance designer, doing both commercial projects and personal works. My personal projects mainly inspired by the relationship between human and nature, I am interested in Anthropocene and Anti-Anthropocentrism. Fashion for me is appealing in both substance and significance level, the fact that fashion is always evolving with society and reflecting civilized life, make it an ambiguous subject that keep evolving, and keep including other subject into itself. While doing experimental works, I hope to generate a more sustainable working method with couture and craftsmanship by reimagine production process and materials. With my current works, I try to combine different production phases such as weave embellishments with hand weaving looms and weave directly into cutting patterns, I try to demonstrate a possibility of restructure producing process.
    你好!我是服裝設計師翊羽,同時也在學習梭織和天然染。我取得了台北實踐大學的服裝設計學士學位和荷蘭ArtEZ Arnhem服裝設計碩士學位後,曾在歐洲的服裝品牌做過幾次實習和臨時工作。回到台灣後,目前以獨立設計師身份同時進行商業項目和個人作品創作。我的個人作品主要受人與自然之間關係的啟發,對人類世和非人類中心主義感興趣。對我而言,服裝在物質層面和意義上都值得探討,因為服裝和身體裝飾的潮流一直在與社會並行發展、反映著文明生活的面貌,這也使它成為不斷演變的曖昧主題,並持續將其他主題吸納其中。在製作實驗性創作時,我希望通過重新推想生產過程和可能材料,來催生同時具備高級時裝工藝和可持續性的工作模式。近期的創作中,我試著在手工梭織的同時加入裝飾物或類似刺繡等後加工程序,直接織就版型裁片,將不同的生產階段結合起來,試圖顯示重組生產過程的可能。

September 11, UTC 14:00
  • 蘇義傑 EJ So
    EJ So於2014年在東倫敦創立了手工訂製的鞋履品牌KAZUO CRAFT,開始了自己的製鞋之旅。 在日本大阪的製鞋業工作了幾年後。他正在通過英國傳統做法來詮釋日本式的工藝鞋,通過選擇設計和首選材料為鞋迷提供現代創意。 結合材料和現代概念,革新傳統,經典車型。EJ So也是台北共作空間Acidlab的創始人,現在致力於製作手工作坊,實驗性展覽或活動。
    EJ So started his own shoemaking journey by creating KAZUO CRAFT, a hand-made bespoke shoe label in 2014 in East London. After working several years in shoes industry in Osaka, Japan. He is translating the Japanese craftsmanship through the English tradition, delivers a modern originality to shoelovers by giving choice of the design and a preferable materials. Renovating traditional, classic models with mixed material and modern concepts. EJ So is also the founder of Acidlab, a co-working space in Taipei, and now devote himself to his passion for handmade workshops, experimental exhibition or events.

  • 王禎鈺 Chen-Yu Wang
    我最近正在學習社會設計碩士學位,但是在荷蘭,社會設計可以以藝術和個人的方式發展,主要是從質疑開始。 我想討論1-3種在台灣被遺忘或似乎迷信的儀式。 然後,請其他參與者將自己的經驗體現在一些共同的原則或視覺表演準則中,以進行進一步的討論。
    I am studying master in social design recently, but here in Netherlands, social design could be developed in artistic and personal approach, mainly starts with questioning. I would like to discuss 1-3 rituals that are forgotten or seems superstitious in the taiwan. Then ask other participants to embody their experience in some shared principles or visual performing guideline for further discussion.

September 12, UTC 14:00
  • Ed Cunneen
    EEG and Neurofeedback for creative applications.

  • Linh My Truong
    I will start with an introduction to my suminagashi practice. The technique I will discuss is EL weaving with Arduino programming.

  • Fereshteh Toosi
    I will share my “Oil Ancestors” project and guide a contemplative practice related to my petroleum research.

September 13, UTC 14:00
  • Victoria Manganiello
    我有興趣討論食品,紡織品和技術的相交方式。 也許有生物實踐,社會研究,表演和/或互動對象。 我很高興能合作!
    I am interested in discussing the ways that food, textiles and technology intersect. Perhaps with bio-practices, social study, performance, and/or interactive objects. I am excited to collaborate!

  • 楊偉林 Yang-Wei Lin
    Indigo dyeing, handmade paper, tapa cloth.

  • Audrey Briot
    I will quickly present my interest for craftsmanship in textiles, which will led me to present my ongoing project and the technique that I will post on the technique exchange on conductive feathers and embroidery. Thank you!

  • 連威棣 Ling Wai-Ti
    An aspect of indigo dye from a designer’s point of view.

September 14, UTC 14:00
  • AesunKim
    Interconnection & stretchability.

  • Giulia Tomasello
    biotextiles recipe combined with technology - impacting social distancing!

  • 蕭俐佳 Li-Chia Hsiao
    Colors is an important part in my textile life. Most of the works are influenced by the spirit of POP ART culture. Using vibrant colors to make the textiles more lively. In my textile, I focus on using CAD embroidery technic combines with the wide range of mix-media on different materials to make the embroidery become delicate but also fun. My unique sense of aesthetic and humor are blended into the embroidery textile, and it brings the textile becomes playful and attractive.

  • 陳儀霏 Yi-Fei Chen
    我將會用"CoV19 collection"這個在武漢肺炎時期創作的作品,作為範例,來說明我如何透過物件去討論社會層面的議題,藉此希望能帶來一些刺激跟討論。
    Haven’t decided yet, but the first day sharing meeting gave me some ideas.
    I will share my current project “CoV19 collection” as an example, which I use to explore the human and social needs based during pandemic through wearable objects. I wish to inspire you or sparkle discussions with this project.

September 19, UTC 14:00
  • Tauan
    Sensors, controllers and multimedia as a tool for self expression

  • 蕭靜芬 Hsiao Jing Fen
    Introducing tasks of NTCRI and the brief history of Taiwan indigo dye.